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Sustainable Strategy is Everyone's Business

Meet Maria Lorena

Sustainability Management Expert 

Maria-Lorena has a background in business management and operations. She graduated from UCSG in Ecuador and got her MBA at INCAE Busines School in Costa Rica and her certifications in Project Management and Sustainability at Ryerson University. 


She has more than 10 years of experience in Research, Market Intelligence, Strategies and PR, Trade Fairs, Leadership Workshops, Strategic Planning, and streamlining processes. Being qualified as an International Consultant by WRI in the first International New Ventures contest in Brazil, she is passionate about sustainability.

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Strategic Planning

Development and Sustainability

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I had the honour to work with Maria for the Public Relations Portfolio for about a year. I was impressed by her ability to easily connect with people and create a work environment full of trust, dynamism, and collaboration. Maria not only showed to have excellent people skills but organizational and leadership skills. From the moment she was assigned the lead role, she quickly got into the update and created processes, and documented them all by having the whole team's support. It was just incredible how easily she made it happen. 

Asuka Tosaya, PMP

Senior IT Project Analyst at REEF

- Asuka Tosaya,

PMP. Sr IT Project Analyst at REEF

Maria has collaborated with our organization to design and present seminaries, workshops, and conferences given to entrepreneurs and organizations from the Ecuador exporting sector. Her innate leadership abilities have earned the respect and confidence of all the people who know her. Her work has been of outstanding quality, and she has shown to be a highly competitive professional willing to go the extra mile on behalf of her clients. It is important to recognize her dedication and the high level of responsibility she has demonstrated while performing her duties. She has been a strong advocate to promote foreign trade and all the subjects regarding our organization.

Ing. Iliana Gonzalez


Ecuadorian Maritime Chamber

Ing. Iliana Gonzalez


Ecuadorian Maritime Chamber

Ms. Nunez has worked as a consultant for the office I am currently chairing, providing financial assistance, and counselling on international affairs and human rights. She has an amiable personality and wonderful human qualities. This has made her worthy of our respect and admiration, and she has had excellent relations with those who have worked with her in the private and public sectors."

Miriam Estrada

Technical Coordinator Office of the High Commissioner  for Human Rights

United Nations 

- Miriam Estrada

Technical Coordinator Office of the High Commissioner  for Human Rights

United Nations 

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